Shutter Trigger Diving Buoyancy Selfie Stick Mobile Phone Holder Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro Camera


Color: Blue
Sale price $ 26.80


Material: Plastic
Product weight: 220g
product description:
The self-timer buoyancy hand stick is a floating hand-held selfie stick designed for sports cameras. Used for self-portraits in water sports (eg surfing, diving, etc.).

1. Has a bright color and is easy to find in the water.
2. Floating design allows your camera to float easily on the water with accessories such as waterproof case, LCD Bacpac, Battery Bacpac, WI-FI Bacpac and Dive Housing. It can even float two cameras at the same time and float when shooting with the Go pro 3D Hero System.
3. Adjustable wrist strap for double protection.

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