Portable Mini Desktop Tripod for Live Mobile Phones Gopro Camera


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(1) If you travel with you on a light, you can never take it with you.
(2) The stability of the material, micro-single, mobile phone, DV machine above, do not worry.
(3) It has the same stability as the normal tripod, even if it is a micro-single, card, shooting night scene, long-term exposure problem is not big.
(4) The details are very good and the hand feels comfortable.

Name: Desktop Phone Tripod
Model: S04 + S8
Material: ABS + Nylon
Color: Black
Clip clamping range: 53-85mm
Compatible: 4-6.5inch smartphones

P roduct D escription:
This product is the new mini short mobile phone tripod. It is the latest model. It is equipped with the latest knob-type locking clip. It uses eight stainless steel nuts to secure its main body. It has large reflective lenses and uses environmentally friendly silicone inside to prevent the phone from slipping. Wipe off. It can also be used for handheld photos. The mini is light and small, does not occupy a place, and is convenient to carry.

The mini tripod is very suitable for mobile phones, with the new lock clips, it is easy to use and easy to use. It can be used for handheld photos and can be viewed on the flat to make your life more exciting. Its appearance can satisfy customers' pursuit of light weight. Portable, easy to use support needs.

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