Geeetech® A20M Mix-color 3D Printer 255x255x255mm Printing Size


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The new version A10M uses mylar film plate as its platform instead of glass plate, we will send 2 version randomly and most are mylar film plate version.


- Upgraded version of A20 3D printer
- Standard printing volume: 255x255x255mm printing size
- Support Mix-color print
- Break-resuming capability
- With Filament Detector
- 360 ° ventilation design
- Plug and play extruder wiring
- Open Source GT2560 control board
- Good adhesion & uniform heating
- 0.1mm high printing accuracy
- V-shaped rails & wheels on each axis
- Modular design for easy assembly
- 360 ° ventilation design
- High-performance gear train of 3: 1 speed ratio
- Convenient "Reset" button , one-press action
- Support WIFI Connection, realize remote control (the WIFI module is not included)
- Software resources: EasyPrint 3D / On-line firmware upgrade

Optional add-on
1. Auto-leveling
2. 3D WIFI module

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