Last modified: 11/23/2020
1- General conditions of the program
Protected Purchase is intended to provide coverage to all those buyers who have bought and paid for a purchase through and comply with all the requirements detailed throughout these conditions.
2- Requirements to participate
A claim must have been initiated within the following timeframes:
a) Within 3 (three) days from the delivery of the product, when what is received is different, incomplete, defective, or the buyer regrets having bought it.
b) Within 10 (ten) days from the purchase date, if the item was not received.
Once this is done, will analyze if the buyer meets the following requirements:
Regarding the buyer
It must be active at the time of initiating the claim and until the end of the analysis process and respective payment.
You must be the buyer of the published product.
You must not initiate a legal or administrative action against, nor present an ignorance of payment in the case of a payment with a credit card (chargeback), neither before, nor during, nor after having made the claim. Otherwise, the buyer must withdraw from it so that can continue with the hedging process.
Regarding the product
Must have been purchased and paid for through
It should not be prohibited by law and / or the General Terms and Conditions, its Annexes and / or other policies of and associates.
If after initiating the claim, if the parties do not reach an agreement or the support area does not respond to the claim, the buyer must request the intervention of the legal area to solve the problem.
3- Resolution of the claim
For cases where the buyer has not received the product, Support will analyze the claim, being able to request additional information and / or receipts from the buyer, and will close it in favor of any of the parties. If the claim is closed in favor of the buyer, the buyer will receive the amount corresponding to the amount paid in the claimed purchase without shipping costs, excluding other costs such as guarantees and insurance.
In the event that the claim is for a defective or different product than advertised, the coverage will be effective when the buyer proves the return of the defective or different product to the seller. The product must be returned to the seller's address or to the sender's address indicated in the shipment. Likewise, the seller must accept the return product and the corresponding cancellation of the sale.
At your free choice, will return the money to the buyer by (i) crediting the account associated with the card. (ii) by canceling the payment made through a credit card. The buyer covered by Protected Purchase undertakes not to claim again for the purchase of the product in question either before the support department and / or through actions presented in court or out of court.
4- Effects of the resolution of the claim
When the claim is closed in favor of the buyer in an operation under the Protected Purchase program and the seller does not receive the good, the buyer gives a mandate to and authorizes it to donate the product to any non-profit institution or deliver it to the competent authority as a lost species, as decides.
Protected Purchase does not cover:
Products damaged, repaired or modified by the buyer
Products not purchased through
Products paid by means of Shipments or Money Income made by entities not corresponding to
Cases in which the mail or carrier loses the product.
Any transaction that considers fraudulent or that violates the Terms and Conditions of
6- does not provide insurance
Protected Purchase is not insurance. It only offers buyers who meet the aforementioned conditions and requirements, the possibility of recovering the amount paid for the claimed purchase.
7- Prohibitions
Buyers will not be able to:
Initiate claims on behalf, representation and / or on behalf of third parties;
Initiate claims based on false and / or fraudulent facts or situations;
Incur, at the discretion of, in malicious or fraudulent conduct or acts to obtain program coverage, and
Act in collusion with other people or users in order to obtain coverage.
This type of conduct will be analyzed by and the offender will not only not be able to apply to Protected Purchase but may be sanctioned with the suspension or cancellation of his account on the and associated sites.
8- Modifications may modify the present conditions that regulate Protected Purchase at any time by communicating the modifications on the site.
In turn Opnoh reserves the right to discontinue, terminate, cancel, temporarily or permanently suspend coverage without generating any right to make claims, all of this being associated with the Terms and Conditions of